Chef Jessica Williams from graduated from Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI with a BA in Culinary Nutrition, N4 Program 2002. During her scholastic years, she was one of ten JWU students chosen to work at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. While working in the “world’s happiest place on earth,” Chef Jessica had the privilege of opening the Millennium Catering kitchen in Epcot Center, with responsibilities including recipe research and development, volumes of food preparation, high values of food production, and the execution of high profile events throughout the Disney theme parks.

In 2000, Chef Jessica Williams began a volunteer position with the non-profit organization Kids First. Kids First brought health and nutrition full circle by providing quality nutrition education within government policies, school system regulations, families and all child care providers. As a volunteer, Chef Jessica became the first Johnson & Wales University Internship student, opening future doors for many more of JWU students. Upon graduation, The Kids First organization provided Chef Jessica the opportunity of an independent Culinary Nutrition Educator. Throughout her tenure, she was able to develop and execute over one thousand nutrition, food safety, and wellness programs designed to improve the nutritional and physical well being of all Rhode Island communities.

Based on a desire to also help her own community of Fall River, MA, Chef Jessica Williams became an employee of the UMass Amherst Nutrition Education Program of South coast, MA in 2003. In this part-time role, she provided nutrition education to students from low-income families in schools throughout Fall River, New Bedford and Taunton. Over these five years, Chef Jessica developed lesson plans based on the USDA “MyPyramid” and Dietary Guidelines for Americans, teaching materials, and recipes for local farmers markets, schools and family health events. Through her hard work and determination, she was promoted from part-time employee to Nutrition Educator I, and finally Lead Nutrition Educator II in 2007. The Nutrition Educator II position gave Chef Jessica the added responsibility of developing and delegating school program scheduling for all UMass Amherst Nutrition Education Program staff members in over thirty schools in all three school districts. Additionally, she established strong partnerships with several local agencies including the first series of “Nutrition in the Community Garden” cooking class for youth through the Peace Works Boys & Girls Club in New Bedford, and an eight week farm to table “Let’s Get Cooking!” class through the May Institute in Fall River to assist low-income families in learning how to cook farm fresh local vegetables and fruit recipes inexpensively.
Chef Jessica Williams continues to support her local community by applying her skills to even more community grants and organizations such as All Generations Fitness, East Bay Fitness & the Fall River Fitness Challenges. Chef Jessica also works with the Brown University Fresh to You, grant. This grants provides fruit and vegetable recipe demonstrations throughout Rhode Islands low income housing developments.

Other Achievements:

Books & Play Scripts:
· “The Eat Healthy to Be Healthy Food Safety Show!”– Written, produced, directed and custom design
· “The Two Bite Club!”(FNS of USDA) – helped in material editing and creative ideas

Internet: You Tube
· Fall River Healthy City Initative 2009

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· Fall River Fitness Challenge Kickoff Event

· Herald News

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